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IT Security, made understandable.

Oversights happen. It’s human. Bugs, including security bugs, can’t always be prevented.

We can, however, actively search for, analyse, and resolve those bugs, before they’re abused by others.

HackDefense finds, describes, communicates, and helps you fix security weaknesses in your applications, systems and networks.

How can we help?

We aim to make our technical know-how accessible to others.

Whether you run a large bank or a small web shop: if you’re active online, the threat of being hacked is real. HackDefense tests your systems for security, assesses risks and gives you practical, understandable advice on how to approach any challenges we identify.

Our team — join us!

Are you a pretty good ethical hacker, if you say so yourself, or are you graduating and would you like to become an ethical hacker? Then HackDefense would like to talk to you!

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Contact details:

HackDefense BV

PO Box 3025
2301 DA Leiden
The Netherlands

Visiting address

Zijlbaan 28
2352 BN Leiderdorp
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce

6947 7043

VAT number

NL 8578 87 270 B01

Pentesting Certificate

Starting July 1st, 2021, the new Dutch national pentesting certification has become operational. The CCV (Dutch national Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety) has set and will maintain this national standard. HackDefense has been certified and will include this mark in our security test reports. See the CCV website (Dutch) for more information.