Ethical Hacking

The most secure websites and networks are those that are frequently tested by experts. People who know how actual break-ins happen attempt to commit a digital burglary against your systems, tell you how it was done and what improvements can be made to your defences.

Also, advanced tooling makes it possible to find, and solve, the most common IT security issues at limited cost.

Penetration testing (pentesting)

Get HackDefense's experienced Ethical Hackers to test your application, network or website. HackDefense will produce a report that will explain the essence to management and has technical appendices with concrete, detailed recommendations for improvement in areas where weaknesses were discovered.

DigID assessments

Web applications that use the Dutch government's DigID authentication system are required to undergo an annual security audit. Part of this audit is a security scan, which HackDefense can provide. We will perform a thorough penetration test of the application and link the results to government website security standards.

Vulnerability Scanning

A vulnerability scan is a useful part of a penetration test that can also be performed separately. By performing a scan using automated tools it is possible to discover a number of common security mistakes at limited cost.

HackDefense will always perform a manual process of false positive elimination as part of a vulnerability scan, and will also make sure management can interpret the results.

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