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Automated Security Services

You can’t conduct a pentest every day, or for every minor software release. This is why we provide automated services to keep a close eye on security. Our Vulnerability Scanning, Phishing, and Password Cracking services make sure you have insight in your security posture on an on-going basis.

Continuous Security Scanning

Scan your external internet presence, internal networks, and/​or your applications for security vulnerabilities. Our Ethical Hackers review results to remove false positives and provide interpretation and guidance. You can manage findings, accept or adjust risk levels, and monitor follow-up in our dashboard. You can also choose to receive a PDF report, and have access to our expertise to help interpret and resolve scan results.


Employees are constantly targeted with ever more sophisticated phishing mails or text messages from fraudsters and hackers. Our service tests their ability to recognise scams at a random time during office hours once every 4 weeks, and provides training to those who take the bait. Our dashboard provides you with many insights, such as which departments are most vulnerable, how that changes over time, and whether browsers or devices lack security updates. Supports multiple languages and time zones.

Password Cracking

Our automated Password Cracking service integrates with your Windows domain to check user, administrator and service account passwords for weak or re-used passwords. Every day, our software checks every new password against a huge database of known passwords gathered from past hacks of online services, and against wordlists in various languages. If our system can crack the password, the user receives a notification and is required to choose a new password at next login. This process is fully automated and designed in a way that protects user privacy: nobody ever sees the actual password or can link it to a specific user. Using this service leads to a big increase in password strength in your organisation.